Mission Statement

OLP CYO’s mission is to create an inviting and welcoming athletic environment for our community athletes.  Our program strives to provide the children in our community with a safe and secure environment where they can participate in team sports and improve their skills in the sport of their choosing.  Our program employs healthy and enjoyable competition to promote the sharing of good values among athletes, parents, and coaches. OLP CYO seeks to foster personal growth, self-esteem, sportsmanship, and improvement in the participant's particular sport.  We encourage our youth to become responsible members of our community by encouraging our parents,
coaches and players to lead by example in displaying respectful behavior and engaging in fair play at all times.


Although we cannot dictate how each coach coaches we will expect them to play the children at least 25% of the game for teams above 10 participants and at least 50% of the time for teams with 10 or below participants as long as the child is attending practices and games on a consistent basis. Volleyball players should play a minimum of 1 full game.

We will not accept waiver players.  Waiver players already playing in our program will be able to continue to play.  We can only accept a waiver player if, after our registration period, we do not have enough players to make up a team.

3rd grade:  Evaluate players in third grade and make 2 even teams if the numbers dictate such. We do not accommodate requests for players to play on a certain team.

4th grade:  Teams stay the same.  No evaluation unless we need to consider adding an additional team based on registration numbers.

5th grade:
Teams stay the same.  No evaluation/reconfiguration unless we need to consider adding an additional team based on registration numbers.

6th grade:

Teams stay the same.  No evaluation unless one or more team(s) makes it to the playoffs and has to move up or the coaches agree to move one group of players up for competition purposes.

7th grade: If a team makes it to the playoffs evaluate the players to make a more competitive team.

8th grade:  Teams stay the same. (As long as we have enough players.)

High School:  There is a very competitive boys and girls fall league.  We recommend that a child sign up for this league only if they are trying out for their high school team.  There will also be a boys winter league for those who do not make their High School teams.


Our gym, as well as the public school gyms, should be treated like our homes. This means preparing it for practices and games and cleaning up afterwards.

Keys for the OLP gym can be picked up at the rectory and signed out by that coach. They should be returned by the last coach out for the day. Rectory hours are the following: 


9:30am –


6:00pm –


9:30am –


9:00am –


If the rectory is closed and the gym locked please
contact one of the following for keys:

CYO Director/Girls Coordinator: 516-816-4112

Boys Coordinator: 516-596-0405 or 917 299-2535

Volleyball coordinator  516-848-9602 or 516-593-4890

Light and scoreboard control switches are located on the right hand side of the stage behind the curtain. The scoreboard controller is located in the CYO locker room in the rear of the gym near the meeting room.
The first aid kit is also kept there. They should be returned after the last game of the day.

If you are the last practice of the night or the last game of the day the gym must be put back to its condition for school the next day. This means all chairs are put away and lunch tables are put along the wall near the kitchen. Lights must be turned off as well as the scoreboard.
Bathrooms and hallways should also be checked before closing up. If fans were turned on please make sure these are off and windows are closed. All garbage and water bottles should be thrown out or put in the recycling pails.

We are not allowed use of the gym prior to 12 p.m. on Sundays as per diocesan regulations.

No one should be on the stage during games or practices. Please set up the lunch tables in front of the stage and keep the curtains open so it can be monitored. The stairs to the stage should also be blocked off.

Please have a parent volunteer sit in front of or on the stage so no children or adults are on the stage. After games/practices the coaches should inspect the gym and hallways/bathrooms to confirm no damage has occurred.


 Coaches need to be certified in order to participate in the CYO program. They must attend VIRTUS training offered through https://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/reg_list2.cfm?theme=0/a>. For additional information contact the rectory at 516-599-6414. If you have not attended VIRTUS training and undergone a background check through the OLP rectory you will not permitted to coach.

Coaches must also attend a CYO Fair Play seminar offered through CYOhttp://www.cyons.org/index.php/home/coaches/a>.

For information regarding rules and regulations please refer to the CYO website at cyons.org. Game schedules are also posted here. Scores can be reported on the website. Please also find forms for officials’ evaluations, incident reports, etc.

If an incident or injury occurs at OLP you must  notify the coordinator and the rectory as soon as possible. 


Rosters are set usually one to two months before the season begins. Uniforms should be checked at the first or second practice in case a player needs to order a new one. Please check the CYO website for uniforms regulations. Please keep a list of uniform numbers to be provided to the coordinator so we do not duplicate numbers.


A few years ago one of my former players was asked what he remembered most about CYO. He paused for a moment and said it was the game that “Mike” scored his first basket. It was the last game of the year and the other players were trying desperately to get “Mike” the ball. When he finally did score, this young man, who frequently looked as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, jumped up and down, raised both his arms into the air and broke into a huge grin from ear to ear. But that was not what I took away from that game. My recollection was the rest of the team running over to him to congratulate him as if we had just won a championship. That type of empathy is what we strive for in our program. Championships come and go but what we can teach these children in terms of dealing with each other is a lifelong lesson that they can use for the rest of their lives.
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